MCSD User Accounts Explained

(How user accounts work)
Active Directory Account
  • Windows computer log in account for Win XP & Win 7
  • Created for faculty & students after online AUP is submitted
  • iBoss web filter log in is not needed for web filtering policies to be applied to the user
  • This account is the first and last name and a password
  • Users choose "monroecnty" from drop down menu (Win XP) and may need to type in front of username on Win 7 computers
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Google Account
  • Used to log into Chrome devices
  • And used to log into Chrome web browser on Windows PCs
  • iBoss web filter login is required if using a Chromebook, Chromebox or any other non-Windows device
  • This account is the first and last name followed by (domain) and a password
  • Faculty has access to all Google Applications
  • Students have access to Google Drive, Docs, Calendar and Classroom
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iBoss Web Filter Log In Page
  • Only required when using any non-Windows device such as Chromebooks
  • Log into iBoss with your Active Directory username and password (computer login account)
  • iBoss login applies to school private "cabled" and wifi networks only
  • iBoss login not used on public wifi with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • How iBoss login works

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