Protecting Your Google Account

MCSD faculty, staff and students should understand that protecting your Google account is very important!  Online threats (account hackers and email "spoofing") are rampant in this "device connected" world we live in.  

It is also very important that you keep your personal devices (home PCs, smartphones, etc.) software updated and malware/virus protection updated. Many account attacks happen from personal devices that are infected by malicious code that can "spoof" your email address book and/or take over your device.  The device must be updated and protected.  For more information on whether your account has been hacked or spoofed, read here.

Please read and consider the suggestions below to better secure your Google account.
You should.....
  • use strong passwords
  • create another personal email account (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and use it for online accounts (banking, iTunes, Amazon, etc.)
  • change your account password from time to time (see below)
  • consider Google's "Two-Step Verification" (see below)
  • visit your Google account settings page from time to time
You should not.....
  • use simple passwords like password or user
  • use your account username as your password
  • use passwords based upon details that may not be as confidential as you might think, such as your date of birth, phone number, etc.
  • use your district email account for any online purchases, non work related online registrations, etc.