Preparing Testing Workstations


  1. Login into the testing workstation(s) that you are planning to use at least a few days before each testing session to double check settings, and troubleshoot any local computer issues.  It is STRONGLY recommended to prepare two or three "extra" testing workstations than the total number of students you plan to test for any one day.
  2. Use your generic student login that has been created for each school site (Hamilton = hamtestnav; Hatley = hattestnav; Smithville = smithtestnav.  Password for all three generic users is ____________.)
  3. After logging into the generic user’s Desktop, open the browser you plan to use (Chrome recommended) and launch the TestNav System Check (you will have to RUN a systemCheck.applet.Detector on the workstation) – CLICK HERE.
  4. If the TestNav System Check says updates are needed, perform those and re-run the System Check until you get a passing mark.
  5. Turn off the browser’s “Pop-up” Blocker:  How to do this in Chrome – CLICK HERE.  How to do this in Internet Explorer (Windows XP) – CLICK HERE.  How to do this in Internet Explorer (Windows 7) - CLICK HERE
  6. Turn off the "Sleep Mode" on that user's Desktop settings:  How to do this in Windows XP – CLICK HERE.  How to do this in Windows 7 – CLICK HERE
  7. As a good final practice, run the "Student Testing Tutorial" on the workstation and test it - CLICK HERE TO RUN (you may/will be asked to run a TestNav Java Applet and also allow, DON'T BLOCK, the tutorial from running.  Carefully read any other boxes that may pop up!  This is also good to let your student test takers use to get familiar with the TestNav navigation.